_Sydney Road and Ross Street

Collie worked with the client to identify planning provisions and issues to be considered in the siting and design of a ten-storey apartment development at 541 Sydney Road and 143 Ross Street, Coburg.

The source of these provisions and issues were largely the Moreland Planning Scheme (the Scheme) but also included other documents such as the permit for the development of land to the immediate south of the subject land. 

The subject land was impacted by the:

  • Road Zone Category 1 (Sydney Road) (Scheme clause 36.04);
  • Activity Centre Zone and Precinct 2 in its Schedule 1 (Scheme clause 37.08);
  • Public Acquisition Overlay and its Schedule 1 (along Sydney Road) (Scheme clause 45.01);
  • Environmental Audit Overlay (Scheme clause 45.03);
  • Development Contributions Plan Overlay and its Schedule 1 (Scheme clause 45.06);
  • Parking Overlay and its Schedule 1 (Scheme clause 45.09);
  • Public Open Space Contribution and Subdivision (Scheme clause 52.01);
  • Car Parking (Scheme clause 52.06);
  • Land Adjacent to a Road Zone Category 1 or a Public Acquisition Overlay (Scheme clause 52.29);
  • Bicycle Facilities (Scheme clause 52.34). 

All of the above affected the potential planning and development of the subject land and needed to be addressed.  Collie assisted with input to various iterations of the architect plans and with negotiations with the Council offices.

Sydney Road and Ross Street Plan
Sydney Road and Ross Street Plan